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Easeify vs. Bench vs. Pilot - Which online Bookkeeping Service is best for your small business?


At Easeify, your books are completed by a CPA keeping tax deductions in mind. Additionally, we are certified in QuickBooks. This blog post should provide you with some important details on the differences between CPAs and bookkeepers. As always, you can contact us for additional help.

What’s Easeify?
A virtual bookkeeping firm that makes bookkeeping easy. We specializes in working with service businesses and non-profits on the cash basis of accounting. Get your books completed with your own dedicated CPA, keeping tax deductions in mind.
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Key Takeaways

  • Easeify is the smallest of the three and provides the most personalized experience.
  • Easeify is $275/month with no contracts. Bench and Pilot have annual contracts.
  • Easeify specializes in service businesses and nonprofits on the cash-basis. Bench uses cash-basis and Pilot uses accrual basis.
  • Easeify specializes in QuickBooks Online and so does Pilot. Bench uses a proprietary software.
  • Easeify works on your books daily, and you have your own personal CPA and QBO Pro Advisor. We also have the fastest response times.


So you are on the hunt for an outsourced bookkeeping service... You have stumbled upon a few companies such as Pilot, Bench, and Easeify. How do you know which company will be best for your needs? In this blog post we are going to provide you with some insights and comparisons so that you can make the right choice as to which bookkeeping services will serve your small business best. Let’s jump right to it!

Easeify vs. Bench vs. Pilot: Overview

All three of these companies offer bookkeeping services that include linking all of your bank and credit cards to an accounting software, and categorizing your transactions.

Easeify’s pricing is a flat rate of $275 per month with no contracts, hidden fees, or extra costs such as set up fees. We are in your books everyday categorizing your transactions. If needed, we also offer a cleanup service for an additional one-time flat fee to bring your books up to date.

Bench’s pricing starts at $249 per month, but that locks you into a 1 year contract.

Pilot’s pricing starts at $499 per month, but also locks you into a 1 year contract.

Easeify does not offer tax filing services, but we can answer tax questions or any other business related questions all included within our monthly fee. We also are keeping taxes in mind when we do your bookkeeping. Being CPAs with tax experience, we know how to best setup your books to be the most tax efficient. We work closely with our client’s CPAs, or we can recommend you to someone we know and trust, if you are in need of a new tax professional for filling or additional accounting services.

Easeify focuses strictly on your bookkeeping to ensure it is the best of the best, and we want our clients to have a tax professional that focuses on taxes. Eats, lives, and breathes those ever-changing tax laws in order to provide your business with the best opportunities for tax savings. Not a run-of-the mill, quick basic return that does not maximize your potential tax benefits.

Both Pilot and Bench offer tax advisory and tax return preparation services for an additional fee. However, these two companies have a “big firm feel,” and they may not be providing you with the same expertise as a top CPA tax professional. They may not go as in depth with your return to maximize your write-offs, provide a personal feel, and really get to know your business. It’s likely that they will not be developing tax strategies with you that can save your business potentially boat loads of money. 

Support Offered

Easeify provides clients with unlimited email communications all within our monthly fee. We respond within a few hours at most. It is important to us to provide our clients with an easeify-ing experience which includes quick, responsive, and reliable services. Our clients have a personal CPA and QuickBooks Pro Advisor that work on their bookkeeping and they can reach out for support at any time. We also are in our client’s books everyday categorizing their transactions. 

Bench and Pilot offer communication options too. Bench does not seem to charge extra, but has slower response times with a maximum of 1 business day to respond. Pilot adds on extra fees for certain communication packages.

Accounting method used

Easeify specializes in working with service businesses and nonprofits on the cash-basis of accounting. We do not offer accrual accounting services. You can learn the difference between cash-basis and accrual-basis by checking out our blog post here.

Bench also specializes in cash-basis, while Pilot specializes in accrual basis accounting.

Accounting Software Used

Easeify specializes in QuickBooks Online and your personal CPA bookkeeper is certified in it.

Bench uses a proprietary software, and Pilot also only uses QuickBooks Online.

So which to choose?

The outsourced virtual bookkeeping service you decide to use comes down to what you would like, and the feeling of the service, and quality you desire. If you are a small service based business on the cash-basis, using QuickBooks Online, and want a CPA doing your bookkeeping, Easeify might be your winning ticket. We have a small personalized feel where things are also easy, no contracts, and quick response times.

At Easeify, we are the newest company of the three and the smallest. We are based in Sarasota, Florida and were founded by a CPA with years of bookkeeping and accounting experience. You always have access to speak with her. We provide a top quality personalized service, and do not have that run-of-the-mill big firm feel. All of our bookkeeping is done within the states, and not competed overseas. 

The other companies were not founded by CPAs and the founder’s of Bench are not even with the company anymore. 

At Easeify, we are here for you and your business every step of the way. We care. Our goal is for you to no longer have to worry about your bookkeeping. Join Easeify, and experience the ease we can bring to your life and business. Have questions? Reach out to us! We are always here to help.