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How to add an accountant to your QuickBooks Online Account?


At Easeify, we specialize bookkeeping within QuickBooks Online. Trying to figure out how to add your accountant to your QuickBooks? This blog should provide some assistance. As always, you can contact us for additional help.

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Key Takeaways

  • Adding your accountant or bookkeeper makes it easier to collaborate on issues.
  • Accountant users have different permissions that assist them with bookkeeping and tax preparation. 
  • You can add as many accountant users as your QuickBooks subscription level allows. For example, if you work with a separate bookkeeper and accountant you may want to add both.


When working with an accountant or bookkeeper, you will want to give them access to your QuickBooks account. This allows them to review your books, pull reports, make necessary adjustments or corrections, and easily collaborate with you. Accountant users also have additional permissions including the ability to undo reconciliations, write off invoices, and reclassify several transactions at once. This streamlines the bookkeeping and tax preparation processes for everyone involved. 

How to Add Your Accountant as a User 

1. Go to settings by selecting the gear icon at the top right of your screen

2. Under the Your Company heading, select Manage Users

3. Select the Accountants or Accounting Firms tab

4. Enter the email address of your accountant. You may also be requested to enter your accountant’s first and last name.

5. Select Invite.

6. Your accountant will receive an email inviting them to access your books as an accountant user. The invitation expires after 30 days

7. Once they accept your invitation, their status will say Active 

8. Your QuickBooks subscription level will determine how many accountant users you can add. All levels all two accountant users with the advanced subscription allowing three.